Mike McCormick    FAICP

Mike McCormick is a planning consultant located in Olympia, Washington specializing in growth management, planning and intergovernmental relations.
Prior to establishing his consulting firm in 1994, Mike culminated a 25-year career with the Washington State Department of Community Development as Assistant Director for Growth Management. He was actively involved in the creation of the Washington State Growth Management Act in 1990 and, subsequent to the enactment, directed the state’s role in implementing the act for three years. In 1991, he received the Governor’s Distinguished Management Leadership Award.

Mike has practiced planning in Washington state for more than 45 years, many of those years working at the state level to assist local governments meet a variety of unique planning and financial challenges. He remains active with the Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association’s legislative efforts to build and support good planning in Washington State. In 1999, he was elected to the first class of Fellows of the American Institute of Certified Planners for his contribution to the planning profession. He has been the recipient of the Washington Chapter of APA’s Myer Wolfe Award for Professional Achievement and the President’s Award for Distinguished Service.

Mike has a Bachelors of Arts in Geography from Fresno State College and a Masters of City Planning from the University of California, Berkeley.

Richard Hall     AICP

Richard Hall until recently was the State of Maryland's Secretary of Planning.  Mr. Hall is a professional planner who rose through the ranks of the Maryland Department of Planning from an entry-level staffer to become Secretary.  He spent his state planning career working to protect the best of Maryland in the face of unrelenting population growth and was instrumental in helping pass and implement policies strengthening natural resource protection along with many partners in state agencies and the advocacy community. 

Last year, Mr. Hall was named a "smart growth hero" by 1000 Friends of Maryland at its 20th anniversary gala, and this year Governor O'Malley gave Hall the Admiral of the Chesapeake Bay Award, the highest honor the governor can bestow on an individual for environmental contributions.

Prior to becoming secretary of planning, Hall directed the agency’s Land Use Planning and Analysis Group.  Understanding that well-conceived and executed imagery can convey development and preservation scenarios better than a string of words, Hall helped develop a range of GIS and data-intensive resources to model potential build environments and bolster local redevelopment efforts.

While Secretary of Planning, Hall led projects to perform spatial analysis and to produce maps and GIS applications in support of PlanMaryland, the state's first comprehensive plan for sustainable growth and development. GIS applications were also used for broader Smart Growth and Planning Analysis initiatives such as the Sustainable Growth and Agricultural Preservation Act of 2012.

Hall’s Department of Planning was also a major participant in the O'Malley-Brown Administration's MD iMAP initiative. The department also used GIS extensively to support congressional and legislative redistricting applications and analysis.

For decades, the Maryland Department of Planning pushed the boundaries of what GIS could do to advance smart growth for Maryland communities, natural areas, the Chesapeake bay and generally to improve quality of life in Maryland.

David Early   AICP, LEED AP

David Early, Principal at PlaceWorks, is renowned as an expert on smart growth, new urbanism and sustainable development. For more than 25 years, David has worked with communities throughout California and the west on long-range planning efforts and urban design projects intended to improve both quality of life and community resiliency.  He is particularly interested in how GIS tools can be used in both planning projects and the public process to create stronger, healthier communities. David is a member emeritus of the California Planning Roundtable, whose mission is to promote excellence in planning by providing leadership in addressing important planning issues in California. David is both AICP and  LEED AP certified. 

David’s company, PlaceWorks, is a California-based urban planning and design firm currently partnering with Esri to develop tools that allow us to measure and evaluate the built environment. David and the PlaceWorks staff are using Geodesign principles to create new interactive tools that enable both planners and the public to visualize and assess the natural and social outcomes of proposed designs and plans. These tools offer simple desk top and handheld interfaces, a powerful analytic backbone, and graphically-rich visual results to create and test land use alternatives and get immediate feedback in regards to a plan’s performance against a predefined set of indicators.

 David will cover the following topics:

  •  A suite of assessment indicators known as GreenScore that assesses economic, social and environmental outcomes of planning and design projects.
  • Real-time scenario assessment tools that allow planners to design and evaluate land use scenarios so as to ensure the best possible outcomes.
  • On-line and mobile public engagement tools to allow community members to give meaningful input into a sustainable future. 

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